Design Sprints Made Easy are workshops for handling the grey areas in your product life cycle

What is Design Sprint Made Easy?

Our workshops

focus on developing thoughts and ideas to make smarter decisions. We think it’s like “wtf” relief?

How about a 1 to 2 hour process?

DSme Sprints help you to quickly understand what you know and do not know about users.

It’s also great for reinforcing a design thinking culture, team building and soft skill development.

Ok, so what exactly makes DSme sprints easy?

The four phase process is why they’re easy. It might sound a bit hokey, but it’s just because it works. You be the judge.

  • You connect

    Create a shared understanding by having a conversation or brainstorm to connect with the group dynamic.

  • You’ll deconstruct

    Breakdown thoughts, ideas and observations into organized segments to identify problem areas.

  • Then you’ll construct again

    Create assumption based solutions using creative exercises to get clarity around what to test.

  • And then, experiment

    Run tiny experiments on the solutions for validation and insight.

And we find the workshops

can be injected at any point in your product life cycle. Though it’s best to use in sequence; there is value to be gained when your team needs to quickly suss out some assumptions. These workshops are continuously being tested, so hold tight while all eight rollout!

Workshop 1 The Interview

Interviewing can feel uncomfortable.

If you’re not a professionally trained interviewer it’s awkward and clumsy. But, what if you keep it natural and conversational?

That’s where “The Interview” comes in. We’ll be running through a Design Sprint to determine some questions to ask for gathering research. There are a number of uses for interviewing, but what matters most is that we do it as part of our discovery.

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Workshop 2 The Pitch

Pitching can be your virtual business card.

If we want something from someone, we’re pitching. Selling the vision by identifying a problem that person is having. Empathy.

In this workshop we will be running through some exercises to organize and identify a problem. You and your team will come up with a solution, and then present to the group. Get some feedback, practice a refined pitch and make some new friends.

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Workshop 3 The Persona

Humanizing a persona

can be tricky without a solid research assimilation process. If we’re being honest, most of us do not know how to design for a “happy person” photo inserted into a generic template. And even if we actually talked to people first it still feels disconnected.

In this workshop we agree to not have personas for the sake of having personas. Let’s make it human! Hey, done right your personas can be inserted at any point in a Henry James novel.

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Workshop 4 Workshop

Workshop 5 Workshop

Workshop 6 Workshop

Workshop 7 Workshop

Workshop 8 Workshop

Recent Workshops

General Assembly, NYC The Interview | Improving bad grades

In this workshop we worked on generating questions to ask why some students in good school districts get bad grades. A fun pop-up group and glad we did this!

See The Meetup

64 W 3rd St, Manhattan NY The Interview | Managing Annoying Friends/Contacts

We got right into it since most everyone attending is a UX designer. Team 2 tackled the online digital annoyances app. Glad we were able to get some role playing into this lively group. A lot of fun!

See The Meetup

Senai Informatica, Sao Paulo, Brazil The Interview | Manage Annoying Friends/Contacts

Team Red worked on an app solution for centrally managing annoyances from friends and contacts temporarily. Amazing job by Patricia Magi & the team at Senai Informatica! Thank you.

See The Meetup

Ofertia, Barcelona Spain The Interview | A Cashless Village

Team Blue rolled played at a networking event to learn how their questions stacked up against the answers they received from Team Red. Thank you kindly Ofertia for supplying the beer and chips!

See The Meetup , Lima Peru The Interview | Airport Food Ordering

In this workshop teams came up with 3 questions that were identified in an assumption checker for validation. We then roll played natural interviewing at a networking event.

See The Meetup


Felicia Fleitman, Founder/CEO | Savvy Hires, Inc

Brad’s Design Sprints Made Easy are awesome! I attended two of them as I was prepping for an investor pitch. Getting feedback from Brad and the group was invaluable, and really helped me shape my presentation.

Judy Weiber, Founder/CEO | ScienceMobility, LLC

It was excellent! Exceeded my expectations!

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